About initiative

SDN Czech Labs initiative was established with the aim to bring together Czech universities and Research centers to support research and development, publishing and domestic awareness in area of software defined networks. Software Defined Network, or SDN is current disruptive technology that is expected to have a great potential in various application areas. The various vendors, data service providers and software companies have only recently seen the potentials of SDN and updated their product portfolio with new products tied to SDN. It is necessary to uderline that SDN is not equal to OpenFlow even though both terms are interchanged often.

The SDN is very closely releated to another term NFV, which stands for Network Functions Virtualization that can be seen as higher level of virtualization including devices such as routers, network monitoring, billing and so on in the software plain whereas these devices are currently deployed as special end very expensive boxes. The aim of SDN Czech Labs is to introduce and consolidate various Czech research projects and SDN/NFV activities running in both application areas of SDN and its basic development. Further, we find as very important to avoid confusion in the SDN terminology therefore we are going to keep the basic description of the technology in rigid notation, and also we intend to inform about interesting publications in the world. You can find our recent news and experiences at Labs page.

Among the major application areas of SDN at scientific institutions which SDN czech labs tackles is management of optical burst switched networks, data-center technologies, industrial networking and multimedia broadcasting. For more information about our research please go to Activities.